Sheet music for "Journey" available for free! 

Click here for a free PDF download of the sheet music for "The Journey Must Go On" one of GreenChoby's most popular songs.  Visit our Store for more sheet music selections coming in the near future.

Carolyn's newest song 

Carolyn wrote this song a couple days ago.  It's about the passing of her father-in-law this past October.  It's titled "Farewell to Carl".


Farewell To Carl (or Love Sent You Back Out) Lyrics:

It set the world in motion
It's what we're all made for
Inspires great devotion
Drives us to search for more

Some ever looking never see
What is right before their eyes
But those who know it are set free
And give it freely all their lives

Love brought you in to this world
And love sent you back out again

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New websites! 

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